Re-Use Tablet

Give new life to your old iPad or Android tablet by creating your own family slideshow using the Muze Frame app!

Here's how it works,

Step 1: Download Muze Frame, which is free through app stores on your tablet.

Step 2: Set up your groups, invite friends and family, and start sharing photos!

Step 3: Display your slideshow using a tablet stand. If you don’t have a stand on hand, we’ve got you covered. Order one here for only $9.99, and we’ll give you an upgrade in the app so you can share even more photos.


We are not the only ones thinking about adding value to your old devices. Check out these articles:

Computerworld says this is in the top 10 for best uses of your old android device

They say "Your abandoned Android gadgets are actually virtual gold mines. You just have to find the right way to tap into their potential and give them new life."

"...great use for an old Android device", "...clever way to put your old Android phone or tablet [or iPad] to good use".

Or check out PC Magazine thinks your tablet makes one of the "Best Digital Picture Frames for 2021"

They say "By getting a nice can simply set it down on a desk to show off your photos when you're not using it.", "...great use for a dated device", "Double duty for your tablet as a digital picture frame"

Are you into recycling? Then what about recycling your tech? This article is a good step by step guide to setting up your iPad. We say use our free app for the best experience. 

Wired recently wrote an article on much improved digital frames and compare to other products on the market. Read about that here.




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