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Digital frames are popular but expensive for what you get. Why buy a piece of dedicated hardware only for a slideshow when tablets and iPads are very cheap?

You could also re-purpose your iPad and keep a family slideshow running when not using.

Plenty of sharing apps but no easy way for family sharing in a simple slideshow. Cloud sharing is complicated.

Our app is easy to setup, no login and private. Create groups for every event and start sharing in your own private network.

Muze Frame App
Pic ready to send
Muze Frame App
Pic on tablet

How do you display your iPad - tablet? Forget complicated and expensive stands. We design a simple stand to perfectly fit your iPad and almost any tablet (not great for bulky covers). We started with a wooden design and improved from there.

Our small footprint plastic versions fit any decor. The special extra long (6 foot) charging cable comes in handy for displaying away from power plugs.

White Muse Frame

The best part, use the stand for video chats or watching movies.

Black Muze StandWhite Muze Stand

We hope you like our products and look forward to adding colors and making improvements.

Muze Frame

Wood Muze Frame Stand




I’m a software developer passionate about good design. I started my career as co-founder of MovieFone 777-FILM, a consumer app for buying movie tickets on touch tone phones and the internet. Recently I studied business communication and earned a Masters in Strategic Communication from Columbia University




I have worked with Rob on several apps and now having helped create this new great app! I've worked in the movie business for most of my career, but recently become involved in tech start-ups. I reside in the Green Mountains of Brattleboro, VT with my Irish Setter LuLu.




I specialize in working with Javascript and Python and am glad to be part of this startup.

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