App lets you create slideshows for family & friends

FREE iPad / Android tablet stand if you download the app. Or buy now.

iPad or tablet sitting around? Run a digital slideshow!

Muze Frame STAND holds up your iPad or tablet

What is a Muze Frame Stand?

We custom designed the Muze Frame Stand to hold most tablets, while giving you hands-free usage such as reading an eBook,  Zoom calls, business meetings, video chat or to just  kick back and watch a movie. You can also get the Muze Frame App (see below) to create and share family photo albums and more.

  • The Muze Frame Stand holds up your Apple iPad Pro, Air or Mini, Android Tablet, Samsung Galaxy, Amazon Fire or anything thin.
  • Setup the Muze Frame Stand anywhere as a charging dock (comes with a free charging cable), watch a slideshow in the living room, recipe viewing in the kitchen, video chats on your desk, or watch movies.
  • Use the Muze Frame Stand and eliminate the need to prop up your iPad or Samsung tablet in ways that slip.

Muze Frame Stand -works with any iPad or tablet

Muze Frame App - slideshow app to display pics, gifs or videos:

Easily save memories now

Avoid endless scrolling later

Easy to setup and use

No login and no tracking

Share browser link with anyone

Special design features: Crop pictures to show them best in both portrait and landscape. Add a border color to make pics pop.

Use the stand or app on their own, or even better, use together to show your favorite pictures

Get creative: Make your own slideshow.
Your pics or download great art for free.
Free app for phones, iPads and tablets.

Create multiple groups: One for every event. No login ensures privacy.

Start sharing in your private network. Invite family or friends to view or add pictures and videos.

Buy an inexpensive new tablet and use for all online needs.

When not online, keep a fun family slideshow running.

Share photos and videos anytime, anywhere with family and friends

Share albums with your loved ones, send Grandma the latest pictures of the kids

For slideshows, video chats or movies

Custom designed to fit iPads and Android tablets like Samsung (full disclosure, won't fit thick covers)

Included 6 foot charging cable lets you work away from power outlets

Download on Apple App Store Download on Google PlayAmazon App Store

Share pictures with family

Multiple styles and colors

- FREE App for Slideshows.
- Your iPad or Tablet sitting in a Muze Frame STAND.
- Install the App & Start Your Private Slideshow at Home.

Add pictures, gifs or videos.
You already own the iPad or tablet.
Works on both Apple or Android. Mix and match.

Download on Apple App Store Download on Google PlayAmazon App Store

Download on Apple App Store
Download on Google Play
Amazon App Store

Personal and private slideshows on your iPad or Tablet using our Free App & Muze Stand

Share a picture from your phone to your Muze Frame

Your phone to tablet with Muze Frame

Create multiple private slideshows.
Choose who to invite, share & upload.

NO login.
NO social media connections.
Pics stay in your private network.
Made with privacy from the beginning.

Download on Apple App Store Download on Google PlayAmazon App Store

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